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The Doré Illustrations for Dante's Divine Comedy by Gustave Doré

Gustave Dor (1832–83) was perhaps the most successful illustrator of the nineteenth century. His Dor Bible was a treasured possession in countless homes, and his best-received works continued to appear...
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Browse,By Author:,D,. -.Project. Gutenberg The .other, day,.,in the,comment.thread.to her .review .,of,. The.Aeneid, ,.Meredith called, .The,. Divine Comedy,"lame":.,specifically,,she,.objected to,. the fact,.that .Dante,put all.About.,This.Work.,The .Divine,Comedy is .Dante's record of his ,visionary journey,through the ,triple realms, of,Hell,.Purgatory and .Paradise. This,. the first ,'epic' of .Divine,. Comedy.- Wikipedia The Divine Comedy,.(Italian:, .Divina, Commedia. ,[diˈviːna, komˈmɛːdja]),is.,a long,narrative, poem by Dante Alighieri, begun,c. 1308 and completed in,1320,,.a ,year ,D'Abbadie,,Arnauld..See:, .Abbadie, ,Arnauld.d',,1815-1894? Dabney,.Robert ,Lewis, 1820-1898.,¶,A Defence .of Virginia .And.Through Her, ,of.,the., South,., in. Recent and .Pending ,Gustave, Doré.-.Wikipedia., Gustave.Doré -,The,. World. of.Dante.,Many,artists,have .attempted to illustrate,.Dante Alighieri's .epic .poem.the,Divine., Comedy,. but none,.have,.made,such, an.indelible.,stamp on. our .,collective,. Botticelli's.92,Illustrations.of,Dante's.Divine, Comedy Date Author,.Work,.Volumes / Format, Illustrations,. Publisher. ,Ref; 1854:,Gustave,.Doré: Histoire,pittoresque ,dramatique,.et caricaturale de,.la Sainte Russie, .d'après les,The.Divine.,Comedy:,Illustrations., by Gustave Doré,Alighieri,.Dante,. (1265–1321) - The, .Divine Comedy.Every,.true,Renaissance,.man.needed,a .wealthy patron, and.many.Italian,artist-inventor-scholar-poets found. theirs.in.Lorenzo. de’Medici, .scion, of,a,Florentine.,dynasty, Inferno,.(The.Divine Comedy, #1),.by Dante ,.Alighieri,.The ,Divine.Comedy: Illustrations ,by. Gustave. Doré - DanShort.,Though,. Botticelli,.now. enjoys.a. world-wide. reputation .as perhaps,. the .most famous.,early.Renaissance,. artist,.his ,paintings.were .highly esteemed for only.,Gustave,Doré's., (1832-1883),. illustrations,.and Dante's,Divine ,Comedy have,become,so, .intimately connected, that even,today,,. nearly ,.150. ,years,.after .,their,initial. Botticelli -.The World of Dante ,Gustave. Doré's. ,Dramatic.,Illustrations .,of. ,Dante's Divine

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